About Us

Who are we? Why do we do this?

Who are we?

Phone Perfect is an online based mobile phone service / repair service provider based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, which repairs customer's mobile phone at their home / address.

Phone Perfect is a product of Curio Marketing, a digital marketing company based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. We use technology, digital marketing, market research and various other methods to actualize PhonePerfect.

At a personal level Phone Perfect is an outcome of years of hard work, passion to excel, belief in power of technology to solve problems, of a group of youngsters from a small town dreaming it big!

Why do we do this?

The mobile phone service / repair industry in India is highly unorganized in nature. This feature has contributed to low quality services and numerous cases of cheat / fraud by service providers in terms of price and quality. Since customer demand in terms of mobile phone repair enquiries are huge, the bargaining power of mobile phone service centres has become larger and as a result they have shifted their focus from delivering superior customer service to maximizing profit per customer complaint in unjust ways. But we should say that there are so many service centres doing business in right spirit.

Another major problem associated with this segment is the data leakage from customer's phone. The unprofessional approach of mobile phone service center is the main reason for this. The customer's phone is inspected by more than one person and in some cases by people unrelated to the service flow. In some cases the service centers are directly involved in leaking data, usually private images or videos from the phone.

We believe that there is a lack of organized machinery which can take the customer along with the service flow without wasting their time and effort. This ensures transparency and ultimately customer can ensure value for the money they spent on mobile service / repair and ensure data security.

Phone Perfect was born out of this situation that exist in mobile phone service / repair industry. We leverage power of technology in making the service efficient and reliable. We want to take the customer along with the service journey to ensure this without wasting time and effort.