Smartphone Glass Replacement

Save money by changing the broken glass and not entire display.

Phone Perfect Smartphone Glass Replacement Service

Since 2017 Phone Perfect is servicing the smartphone repairs of people and has emerged as a favourite service center to many. In our years of experience we have analysed that smartphone displays are the most recurring service complaint. It is natural that we accidently cause damage to our smartphone screen / dsiplay when it falls o ground or hit on a hard surface. Previously in such scenarios we had to completely remove the entire display and replace it with a new one, even though the glass of display is broken and the touch is working perfectly. The replaced unit was famously known as display combo. While the display replacement caused larger sum of money for customers it was also an easy method for many fraudulent service centers to avail huge sum of money from customers in the name of combo displays. There wasn't any fixed price point for combo displays. But today this is not the case!

Evoltion of Glass Replacement Technology

Once the smartphone glass replacement technology took an entry to the market it solved the price problem for customers. What usually took around Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 for some low to medium end smartphones to change the display, now takes just Rs 1000/- approx to replace the glass. And the advantage is that the customer will get a display with original touch panel and brand new glass. There is no worry about quality of display after changing the glass, because the quality of display largely depends upon the touch sensitiveness and color which is now not affected by glass replacement.

Phone Perfect was one of the pioneers in adapting the smartphone glass replacement technology for all kinds of smartphones including high end iPhones and mid range android phones like Redmi, Lenovo, Vivo, Realme and so on. Customers of Phone Perfect loves changing glass with us because of two reasons - Price and Quality. We offer glass replacement at the best competitive price in the market that even other service centers tend to change the glass of their customers by outsourcing the work to us. The quality of Phone Perfect service is well known and accepted by people at large. The experience of our technicians come handy. The ability to learn and adapt to new technologies has helped Phone Perfect emerge as industry leaders in offering the service with utmost care, quality and affordable prices.

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Customer Satisfaction

The success of Phone Perfect can be highly attributed to the customer centric approach and attitude to ensure customer satisfaction at any costs. We conduct all our services in presence of customers. We explain each and every aspect of the service to ensure transparency and build trust. We would never take a customer's smartphone to a room inside and rather do the service infront of the customer and complete the glass replacement service within few hours. This aspect of Phone Perfect is most loved by our customers.

All smartphones

We offer glass replacement service for all kinds of smartphones ranging from low end to high end ones.

Lowest Market Price

we are fully equiped with all machiniery required for service and hence can offer service at best market rates.

Transparent & Fast

Glass replacement service is done at our store infront of customer ensuring transparent and fast service.