On the Spot Service

Customer's trust is at the core of Phone Perfect's business philosophy

1. Send service Request

You can use the Send Request section in website or call +91 8137000837 or send WhatsApp message to number to place your service request. Once we get the request, our executive will contact you for details like "phone", "model", "address", "fault / complaint", "convenient time for service".

2. Get Free Quote

Based on the details our technician will give an estimate. Estimate is not the final cost of repair. In some cases technician will have to inspect the phone before giving an estimate. In such cases technician will arrive at the given address, inspect the phone and give a quote. There can be multiple quotes based on the quality of spare part you choose. You can accept the quote which is ideal for you, or reject the quote if you think it's costly. No extra charges are incurred if you reject the quote after inspection.

3. Get service right there in your presence

Once the quote is accepted, the technician will deliver the service immediately at the spot. Please provide some space with a table and chair for service. In some cases electricity will be used by technician. Our customers had always provided such basic facilities with great pleasure. If you are unwilling to provide them, kindly refrain from using our service at this point till we come up with an alternative.

Typically service can be offered within 30 mins of time depending upon your location and accepted quote can be paid as cash against a customer voucher given to you. Customer voucher has a identification number for future reference and support number which can be used to contact us, in case of any concern.

Place Request

Place your service request using website or call or WhatsApp. Our executive will contact you for details.

Get Estimate

Based on the details an estimate will be given. You can accept the estimate for service.

Get Service

Once the estimate is accepted, the technician will service the phone after arriving at your address.