5 Important things to remember while choosing a smartphone service centre

Phone Perfect being a brand that cares for customer satisfaction, in this article we give you top 5 important things that you need to remember while choosing a smartphone service centre.

1. Brand authorised service centre

When it comes to smartphone service, it is always recommended that you speak to the authorised service centre of the brand first. The reasons are multifold. One, they know the phone better and deeper than anyone else in the market. Two, if your phone is under warranty, definitely they would be able to cover the service free of charge or for whatever charge as per their policies. Three, even if the cost of service is higher, they have access to original spare parts of the phone as they are the manufacturer of the phone themselves. So, if you are a person with a damaged phone under warranty or if you are a person who strictly cares for original spare parts of phone, even if the phone is not under warranty, the number 1 option for smartphone service is a brand authorised service centre.

2. Multi-brand out of warranty service centre

Now like we know people are different and we all have different choices. The reasons to go for a multi-brand out of warranty service centre is also manifold. One, if you your phone is two or three years old and you don't want to invest a large amount of money in it, you can choose a multi-brand out of warranty service centre. Because, your phone is anyway out of warranty and the authorised service centre will charge hefty. You might have plans to buy a new smartphone coming festive season. So it's not wise to invest heavy in an old smartphone. Two, most of the smartphones come from China and china also exports original quality spare parts to India. So you might think what’s the difference between original spare part and original quality spare part that we mentioned just now. It’s simple. Original displays are ones that are manufactured by the vendor of the smartphone brand. We all know a smartphone from china is basically parts sourced from many vendors in china assembled by the brand and powered by the brand's OS or Android in most cases. So the brand do have vendors in China for manufacturing various parts of the smartphone. And these parts can only be accessed by the brand and hence the authorised service centres of the brand in India. Such parts are called original parts of the smartphone. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other manufacturers in China who doesn’t make smartphone parts. They do at different qualities in terms of durability, finish, material strength etc. There are manufacturers who make the parts same as that of original parts of the smartphone. Such parts are known as original quality parts but not original, as the sources are different, but quality is same. And such parts are also exported to India at comparatively lower prices than the original counterparts. The multi-brand out of warranty service centres, source such parts and use it for their service to customers. But does that mean that all multi-brand out of warranty service centres offer good quality parts? Nope. They dont’t. Like mentioned above, there are original quality parts and also lower quality parts which in some markets known as first quality parts.

3. Professionalism in service

Wheather you are going with a brand authorised service centre or multi-brand out of warranty service centres, always check for professionalism. It’s your phone with so much personal data that is being given for service. Check how they handle it. How they give you bills, how they behave, how they explain the problem of the phone, are all matters to consider. Always check you have a service number or service id against which you can contact them back if there are any problems with the service.

4. Google reviews are great

Before giving your phone for service, consider checking the google reviews to ensure that, you are dealing with a service centre which can be trusted. A service centre with 4.5+ stars must be good. Anything below 4 is a red flag. Some service centres ask for google reviews post successful service delivery. This shows professionalism and also the fact that they are confident of their service and they want you to share your feedback so that other customers can be helped.

5. Price Transparency and Quotes

There are hundreds of service centres out there who lacks transparency when it comes to pricing. Having a transparent and accurate pricing process for smartphone repairs is essential. This involves obtaining a detailed breakdown of costs, covering both parts and labor, ensuring a clear understanding of the pricing structure. Watch out for hidden fees and prioritize repair shops offering warranties on components and workmanship. Comparing quotes from different sources helps assess fair pricing. There are companies who can give you multiple quotes from different service centres in one go.

So yeah. Those are the important 5 things you need to know while choosing a smartphone service centre. We know our smartphones are like our best buddy, with information, secrets, entertainment and much more. So when it’s about smartphone service choose the best following the guidance above. Hope your phone never gets damaged.

Cheers and ❤️ from Phone Perfect.