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We understand the world's privacy problems, especially the ones related to the data in your smartphone. We understand how personal your phone is to you. We understand if it gets damaged, it causes lot of inconveniences in your life. We understand you. That's why we offer fast, transparent, affordable mobile phone service in your presence.

Once we get your request, we 'll contact you, and give an estimate. If estimate is accepted you can visit our store and avail mobile phone service.

Our Mobile Phone services include:

Display / Glass Replacement

Mobile phone glass replacement and display replacement is the most common service. In display replacement we replace the entire display set of the phone with a new one. In case of glass replacement only the glass of the display set needs to be replaced and it is done using advanced machines.

1-2 hours
Warranty Available


Phone batteries get damaged for variety of reasons. Most common issue is the bulging of the battery due to overcharging. Another type of issue is fast discharge of power from battery. In both cases a new battery pack can be used to replace the damaged one with. The service can be completed in an hour.

1 hour
Warranty Available

Power/Volume Button Repair

Some smartphones come with power / volume buttons that cannot withstand thrust beyond a level. Users who apply more thrust on these buttons often damage the buttons. Depending upon the phone and model, a new button will be used to replace the old one with. The service can be done in an hour.

1 hour

Water Damage Repair

Although there are some smartphones that claim to be water resistant, large number of phones are still vulnerable to water damage if exposed. Depending upon the level of damage service can be done. It's not practical to predict if the water damage caused can be repaired completely. Hence the service duration also depends on the degree of damage.


Network Issue

There are scenarios wherein the network ICĀ of the phone might have damaged, causing network issue in the phone. The damage may make the phone unable to connect to the network, thus unable to make or receive calls. The service involves replacing the chip in the circuit and associated components with a new one. The service usually takes 2-3 hours of time.

2-3 hours

Ear Speaker/Mic Repair

The service of ear speaker or mic in the smartphone is a very straight forward one. Sometimes it can also cause due to connection breaks inside the circuit, but the chances of same are very less. The service involves replacement of mic or speaker with a new one. Usually the service takes anywhere between 1-2 hours depending upon the condition of phone.

1 hour
We are mobile phone service experts of all major smartphone brands.

Why Phone Perfect Smartphone service?


We complete most of the smartphone repair services in 1 hour. We have pickup and delivery service which you can optionally opt-in for.

Data Security

You don't have to be afraid of data misuse or privacy breach as we deliver our service professionally in your presence.

Spot Service

You don't have to leave your phone at a service center for days as we do it in matter of minutes.

People love our service

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Phone Perfect - Mobile Phone Service, made transparent and affordable.

Phone Perfect is an online based mobile phone service / repair service provider based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. We accept mobile phone service request via phone call or whatsapp and gives best rates for the service. Once the service quote is accepted, you can visit the assigned Phone Perfect verified partner store and get the service done.

Starting with glass replacement, display replacement, battery replacement to getting a water damaged smartphone to life, we take care of all possible smartphone services for all latest smartphone models available in the market such as Apple, Samsung, One Plus, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola etc. We ensure service transparency as the service is done in-front of you, in your presence. We are a smart phone service center which you can trust your phones with.